Aysem Bray's e-portfolio

“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”A Chinese Proverb

                                                                          Aysem Gulsefa Celebi Bray                           

HS/MS Spanish Teacher

Cheongna Dalton School
Distinguished Educator, Class of 2011
Email: abray@daltonschool.kr
Website: http://braysem.webs.com/
t:+80 10 6580 5263 



  • Planned and practiced various therapy techniques to guide students from G3-G12
  • Promoted positive interactions between and among students and teachers
  • Participated actively in the professional learning community and in school events and projects, and maintained positive and productive relationships with colleagues
  • Helped prepare activities that support students academically, personally/socially, based on knowledge of student needs

Leadership and Technology



  • Integrated technology in everyday teaching to motivate the students
  • Used Schoology to encourage students to become independent learners 
  • Implemented ‘Flipped Classroom’ techniques to use classroom time efficiently with exercises, projects, or discussions
  • Developed and implemented principles and practices in the teaching of speaking, listening, writing, and reading
  • Prepared unit plans with UBD approach
  • Designed and implemented effective lesson planning strategies
  • Developed and implemented assessment with rubrics 
  • Established a student-centered learning environment 
  • Implemented communicative Spanish approach 
  • Assisted students with diverse needs from various ages and cultural backgrounds 
  • Advised clubs such as Drama, Hiking, Chess, and iMovie
  • Advised HS Student Council and helped raise funds throughout the school year


Conferences and certificate programs

Student Evaluation

Professional References
Cheongna Dalton School
HS Director
email: mharrison@daltonschool.kr
Steven Beyer
Saipan International School (20014-2016)
MS Team Leader 
email: s.beyer@sissaipan.net 
School of the Nations,
Brazil Secondary Principal, 2014-15
email: k_jar@hotmail.com
UWC South East Asia

Korea International School
373-6 Baekhyun-dong, Bundang-gu,
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea, 463-420
Robin Schneider, Secondary School Principal
International School of Helsinki
Selkämerenkatu 11
00180 Helsinki
Tel: +358-9-6866160
Fax: +358-9-6856699
Email: robins@ish.edu.hel.fi

Dr. Dale Jenkins, Headmaster

Saipan International School (2003-2007)
Email: dalejsis@yahoo.co